HashTagger for iPhone and iPad

Your best campanion for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social-network app. Makes the creation of hashtag-injected texts a breeze.

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Close Up Features

Why is HashTagger that great?
Have a look at it's sophistically designed user interface.

  • Streamlined to the Maxxx

    The whole app workflow makes writing texts and adding hashtags very fast and easy. An ad-free, clear user interface helps you to focus on your words.

  • Fully Customizable

    You can delete the predefinded tags and categories with a swipe of your finger, and simply add the ones you need by a single tap.

  • Tools that make you faster

    Favorites is the list you use for frequently used tags, recents lets you go back in time instantly. Also the instant access to the last 40 texts you wrote is more than helpful.

  • Know the rules

    HashTagger will warn you if your text grows longer than 140 chars (Twitter max.) or 30 hashtags (Instagram max.). You can use more, but you will be aware of it.

Want to know more?

HashTagger is the perfect tool for writing texts with hashtags for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Ello, or any other hashtag-enabled social media network. Each app of these networks comes with different limitations regarding the editing of texts, but HashTagger helps you out. Writing nice, descriptive and catchy texts is now easy, and the more you will use it, the more it will boost your popularity.

The user interface is highly optimized to provide an easy and streamlined workflow. You can edit the text freely and add hashtags from pre-defined lists with a simple tap. The lists are editable and expandable according to your needs. A „favorite“ and „recently used“ list further increase productivity. After you finalized your text, simply tap on the checkmark to copy it to the clipboard, then go to your favorite network-app and paste the text to post it.

Using HashTagger frequently will enable you to only post appropriately tagged posts in social networks. This is the basis to dramatically increase views, comments and likes on your postings, and finally increase your followers. By the way: there is no guarantee that using hashtags will improve likes, views, comments or followers. It is like fishing in the river. But using them is the basis of being found, so use them frequently and choose them wisely.

The app comes with a set of predefined hashtags for photography, art and music, but you can customize the lists freely to meet your individual needs and interests, to define your audience. Delete tags and lists you never use, add the ones you use. It also may be a good idea to learn from others, see how they use hashtags and which ones they prefer.

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